Virtual Reality Academy
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Virtual Reality Academy Information

Designed to provide students with hands-on, innovative experience to create a virtual world. Students will gain game development experience through C++ coding and Java as well as apply techniques and strategies of digital arts and media through Platform Animation. Students will demonstrate an understanding of various tools in design software using a game engine that include production elements such as rendering, audio, physics, and input.

VR Academy Courses

Introduction to Game Design I

This course is designed to introduce the students to the theory of game design and production using industry software and related technologies. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate technical and creative aspects of game development.

Introduction to Computer Programming for 3D

This course is designed to introduce fundamentals concepts of computer programming as applied to 3D modeling software and game engines. Upon completion students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of industry programming language.

Game Design II

This course is designed to enhance students programming skills with 3D assets into creating a virtual world using an industry standard game engine.  Upon completion students should able to use these tools to create a 3D immersive virtual world.