Welcome to C.F. Vigor's Media Center

The Mission of C.F. Vigor High School Library Media Center is to provide a program that will ensure all students and faculty will have access to the most advanced technology and printed materials available. The mission also is to provide leadership and expertise in assisting patrons in finding and using information effectively.



The Library Media Center hours of operation at Vigor are flexible. The regular hours are from 7:15 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. on school days for both teachers and students. The Media Specialist extends hours of operation when necessary because the majority of Vigor students do not have home computers or other research resources.


We have one computer lab in the Media Center. Teachers schedule research times for their students to use the computer lab. Teachers bring classes in for 30 minutes a session. During this time students use technology to complete assignments.


Teachers can schedule time to bring students in for printed research to complete assignments. Teachers also may schedule time to bring classes in to check books in and out. Students may come to the Media Center on an individual basis with a pass, during their lunch break, or after school to complete assignments and check books in and out.