Humanities & Public Services

Preparing students with the skills, fundamentals and basic knowledge of how to apply critical thinking skills in various career fields that involve government, community services, public policies and international relations.  The Humanities and Public Service academy is a supportive and collaborative community where students learn to be reflective, critical thinkers. Students in this academy will use their academic and practical learning to gain information and experiences essential in fostering a more global perspective of political systems, history, economic issues, language, literature, and other aspects of culture that will enable them to work with and for the community.

Humanities pathways focus on integrating creative thinking and interdisciplinary strategies into humanities subject areas: history, literature, writing, psychology, sociology, and foreign language.

Humanities Course Sequence

Option 1: 2 foreign languages, 1 fine art, 1 humanities elective
Option 2: 1 foreign language, 2 fine arts, 1 humanities elective

Public Service pathways prepare students for further education and careers in law, law enforcement, emergency services, community services, government, public policy administration, and international relations.

Public Service Course Sequence

3 JROTC and 1 humanities elective

All Vigor High School pathways lead to one or more of these opportunities:

  • Job shadows
  • Community Service Projects
  • Scholarship/industry certifications
  • Internships
  • College credit courses
  • Local, state and national competitions
  • Senior research projects
  • College/career portfolios
  • Lucrative entry level job opportunities