The Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications cluster engages students in challenging curricula
where they are able to develop technical skills in the areas of graphic arts, television production, animation,
advertising design, and commercial photography within a safe and innovative setting. Students who choose to complete a pathway in this cluster have the ability to comprehend course materials and complete laboratory work, projects, and assignments related to the cluster. Courses in this cluster provide students with the knowledge and skills for further education and for employment. Students use current and emerging technology, observe modeling and mastery of competencies, and develop and apply skills required for success in their chosen fields. Students work together to build a community of learning where their ideas become a source of learning.

Course Sequence
Grade Broadcasting

9th Career Preparedness

10th Journalism I

11th Journalism II

12th Study of Film I and II

Journalism I

This course provides instruction in basic aspects of journalism and workshop experience in journalistic production. Students explore the history of journalism; news, sports, feature, and editorial writing; and gain workshop experiences in photography, layout, advertising, and printing.

Journalism II

The course provides practical experience in news-gathering techniques,journalistic writing, and opportunities to explore careers in journalism.

Study of Film I

This course is a study of film as a medium with its own special methods of rhetorical persuasion. The course surveys both the content of film and the form in which that content is presented.

Study of Film II

This course is designed to progress students from basic film study to a more hands on application of film technology through the production of short films and assignments.